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Uniwersal app for RPG, LARP, card & board games and miniature wargames

About app

What is it?

The mobile application for RPG, LARP, board & card games and miniature wargames, availalbe for Android and iOS for free!


Character cards
Scenario creator
Authoring systems

Card & board


Miniature wargames

Ruller, protractors, explozion zone measurer


Scenario maker
Combat simulator
LARP calendar


What does it do?

We present 15 tools useful for all tabletop games.

RPG Characters Cards

Cards for most popular systems A new card every week
A tool to create your own cards
When you open the card, swipe your finger to the right to quickly jump to the dice or swipe to the left to quickly jump to the maps
In basic version 2 character card records - Premium account 5 - 10 (depending on card type)
In the future: equipment cards


A simple mapping tool for RPG games
If the crowdfounding will be successful , it will allow us to build a map of 50 items. If we manage to collect $ 5,000, we will offer new mapping types: dungeon, town, building, etc - with other items for each.
5 map records in the basic version – 15 in premium
In time, we will try to introduce to the application an unlimited amount of map recording for premium users.


Generators for RPG or LARP (useful for storytelling) allow you to increase the randomness of the game or inspire you to create a script.
Generators of characters, locations, animals, objects, events. Fantasy mode, realistic mode and sf mode.
We plan to develop generators continually by adding new ones. For example: generator of planets, occupation, shops, city, flag, army, rune, ritual, witchcraft, art, elixirs, cosmic, weapons, meals and more.


Quick throw for the most common types of dices, or by typing the appropriate name (eg d74) - other types.
Including throwing multiple dices at once
Dice calculations programming (basic version - memorizing 5 formulas, premium - unlimited)

Tools for wargame miniatures

Tool for measuring the distance between figures, verifying the shot line (for games 2d), checking the range of the explosion, monitoring the angle between the targets.

Scenario maker

Make your own scenario – use generators, dices and maps! It’s really easy with this app – ( save 2 scenarios in free version - unlimited saves in premium version )

LARP combat simulator

Battle simulator is based on random method and character statistics analysis. It will show the course of the whole fight that can be played. - If we will raise the sum of $ 2,500, we will indicate each blow with a picture.

Base LARP scenarios

Big base larp scenarios – requires Internet connection.


Large base of names, weapons and locations, which helps you to create Your character.

Base Print & Play games

Large base of Print & Play games and free authoring systems– requires Internet connection.

Base important for players locations

Base shops, internet shops, portals, blogs, gaming clubs, pubs for players, conventions, and other locations important for the players . – requires Internet connection.

Music for games

Climatic game music, movie music, game background sounds (eg inn interior, harbor, space station) and single game sounds (eg, fire, shoots, water noise). Some options may require internet connection.


Universal tokens that make points counting easier. Universal (useful in every game) and adapted to the most popular games, such as Munchkin, Catan, Magic The Gathering.

News Feed

News Feed from the best gaming portals.


Universal lottery like throwing coins or rock, paper, scissors against the computer.

Our Pricing

Pick the best plan for you.

The app is free but contains advertising. If You want to help us, don't watch the ads and have more saves and options You can buy premium account.

Free version



  • 2 RPG cards
  • 5 Maps saves
  • 5 Dice formulas
  • 2 Scenarios saves




Per month

  • 5-10 RPG cards
  • 15 Maps saves
  • Unlimited Dice formulas
  • Unlimited Scenarios saves

Record in base



  • Information about Your page, blog, portal, shop, gaming club, convention, pub for player, etc.


Promotion in base


Per month

  • Always on top!


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Questions and Answers.

All You want to know

What are crowdfounding risks and challenges?

The app will enter Beta for Android in June 2017 and iOS July 2017. We will delivery all rewards in this time. We are a normal, legal company. In May/June we will issue an invoice – so you can be sure – you will obtain your rewards. We have done a bigger part of app and we need Your support for better graphic and translation. It is known that there may be various problems but we will release this application after all - the only risk is to receive it later or with presented graphic and translation.

My character in RPG card – what is it?

Every new user will obtain application with written out RPG characters cards – one of them can obtain your characters’ description. You can choose a game, but remember – first come first served. After purchasing this option, write us which game you choose. The user can reset and fill it himself.

What is section „about app”?

In this section you can find all credits, contact to us and information about our supporters (usual users who supported us with 3 $ and companies which supported us with 30 $) You can find also link to internet page and description about each of that companies.

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